Kids@Heartland Offers Summer Learning Adventures for Grades K-12

Be sure to grab a spot in these program favorites while you can!

May 19, 2021

Keep your kids safe and engaged this summer with Kids@Heartland and Teens@Heartland!

From June 7-July 28 at Heartland Community College campuses in Normal, Lincoln and Pontiac, students going into grades K-12 can participate in professionally-led learning adventures -- designed to keep their schedule busy and their brains active while school’s out.

Explore, Expand, and Experience New Interests!

From STEM classes to sculpting, performing arts, programming, languages, writing, and so much more, your learner can continue exploring some of their favorite topics while safely engaging with other kids! The first round of programs are set to begin June 7.

Some spotlights:

Space & STEM

K@H has dozens of brand new camps about all things STEM, from A (Astrobiology) to Z (Zebra Swallowtails)! Offering endless down-to-earth fun with eco-conscious crafting and the amazingness of insects, as well as out-of-this-world adventures in searching for extraterrestrial life, your young learner will have a blast with these hand-on STEM courses.

Language & Literature

Kids also have the chance to deepen their love for storytelling and discover new cultures! Heartland offers fun, introductory German and Spanish language camps, as well as opportunities to explore the art of screenwriting and power of reading.

Career exploration

Students can explore a range of occupations from experts in their fields! Learn how to be a teacher, app developer, nurse, EMT, law enforcement officer, and welder.

Be sure to grab a spot in these program favorites while you can!

Camps are offered by grade level. Parents can browse opportunities for grades K-2, grades 3-5, and grades 6-8 and grades 9-12.

For your scheduling ease, Heartland is also offering FREE supervised Lunch, Early Bird and Afternoon Care options for parents whose kids are enrolled in both a morning and afternoon course.

Financial assistance is also available. To browse classes and to register, visit