Bloomington-Normal Park & Playground Guide

Take a tour of our community's parks!

By Melissa Alcorn January 16, 2017

We all have a favorite park. It is usually the one conveniently located down the street, but did you know that Bloomington-Normal is home to almost 50 parks? We challenge you to check out every park in our area. To make it easy we have put together a complete list of parks in B-N with addresses for each. Go. Explore. Discover a new favorite.


Airport Park: 3010 Winchester Drive

Find Airport Park in east Bloomington near the, you guessed it, airport. Though it is a little tricky to find, you'll be glad to have made the trip. There is playground equipment, a basketball court, shelter, and plenty of grassy area to run and play. And you may get to see a plane flying very low overhead!

Alton Depot Park: 101 S. Western Ave.

Fun fact - this park was named after a railroad station. Find some playground equipment and a shelter with picnic tables here.

Atwood Wayside: 303 N. Robinson

If nothing else, go to see the cool railroad station style shelter. This is a trail head for the Constitution Trail, but there is also some picnic tables and fountain. Great place for a picnic lunch.

Bittner Park: 3807 Rave Rd.

This is a popular park with big playground equipment, spots to play basketball, football, soccer, baseball/softball and more. You will also find a shelter, picnic tables and paths to explore.

Brookridge Park: 2904 Ireland Grove Rd.

Brookridge Park offers playground equipment, shelter, picnic tables and places to play both football and soccer. There's plenty of grassy area to run and play too.

Buck-Mann Park: 116 Weldon St.

This is a small park in west Bloomington with playground equipment and basketball hoops.

Clearwater Park: 2716 Clearwater Dr.

Another very popular park and for good reason! There's loads of playground equipment, a sand volleyball court, shelter and picnic tables, trail access, a half mile walking trail and plenty of room to roam.

Eagle Crest Park: 2506 Chesapeake Lane

Eagle Crest Park offers some playground equipment, basketball hoops and a softball/baseball field.

Emerson Park: 717 Bell St.

This park offers nice playground equipment and picnic tables.

Evergreen Park: 1205 Forrest Street

Evergreen Park is on the smaller side, but you'll find playgroup equipment and some picnic tables.

Ewing Park 1: 1420 Towanda Ave.

Kids can pretend to be a knight at this park located next to Ewing Manor. Dragon and castle themed playground equipment are the highlight of this park, but there is also a shelter with picnic tables, restrooms, and a not to be missed trail to the Hedge Apple Woods Natural Area. There is also plenty of room to run and different types of trees to see.

Ewing Park 2: 1001 Ethell Pkwy.

Take the trail from Ewing 1 to this park. Lots of room to run and explore in the nice meadow, playground equipment, restrooms, shelter and picnic tables.

Ewing Park 3: 901 Jersey Ave.

Popular in the winter for sledding, but great for kite flying and exploring nature in the summer.

Fell Avenue Park: 1301 Fell Ave.

This smaller park has playground equipment, shelter and picnic tables, and a basketball hoop.

Forrest Park: 1813 Springfield Rd.

Popular among parents for all the shade, popular among kids for the fun playground equipment. This park also has a shelter, restrooms, plenty of shelters and picnic tables and lots of room to explore nature.

Franklin Park: 302 E. Chestnut

You'll find playground equipment and picnic tables at this park, located across the home of Adlai Stevenson III. Fun fact - this park is registered as a National Historic Site.

Friendship Park: 719 W. Jefferson St.

This little park offers playground equipment and a shelter with tables for a quick park visit.

Gaelic Park: 3102 Cave Creek Rd.

A large park with a lot to offer: playground, shelter and picnic tables, soccer field, baseball/softball field, basketball court, walking path and nature area to explore. Bring your fishing poles and see what you can catch.

Holiday Park: 800 S. McGregor St.

Home to one of Bloomington's pools, Holiday Pool, and also offers a playground, shelter and picnic tables, a nature area where you can go fishing, and lots of area to explore.

Marie Litta Park: 317 S. Gridley

Just a short walk from the library, this little park has a playground, shelter and picnic tables.

McGraw Park: 3202 Cornelius Dr.

This big park offers plenty of room to roam, a playground, baseball/softball field, restrooms, a shelter and picnic tables. Oh and did we mention an awesome splash park?

Miller Park: 1020 S. Morris Ave.

A local favorite and home to Miller Park Zoo, plenty of shelters and picnic tables, a big playground, restrooms, mini golf, a splash park and more. See the historic train in the park and take a walk around the lake. Memorials throughout the park honor Civil War, Vietnam War and Korean War veterans.

Northpoint School Park: 2602 E. College

There's not much shade, but there's lots to do. This park offers a playground, shelter and tables, and places to play basketball, baseball and softball.

Oakland School Park: 1605 E. Oakland

Located next to Oakland School, you'll find playground equipment, basketball hoops and a softball/baseball field at this park.

O'Neil Park: 1515 West Chestnut St.

Looking for a skate park in Bloomington? Find it here along with Bloomington's 2nd public pool, playground equipment, shelters, picnic tables, restrooms, and places to play basketball, tennis, football, softball and baseball.

Pepperidge Park: 2502 Fox Creek Rd.

Located next to Pepperidge School, find a playground, shelter and tables, and football, soccer, baseball and softball fields.

PJ Irvin Park: 1601 McKay Dr.

Ever tried frisbee golf? You can here! Also find a playground, shelter and tables, soccer field and plenty of room to roam at this park.

Rollingbrook Park and Harmony Park: 1002 S. Hershey

This popular park offers a roller hockey rink, playground, shelter and tables, and a place to play basketball, soccer, baseball or softball. There's trail access from this park too. Harmony Park is Bloomington's very own inclusive park!

Stevenson School Park: 2106 Arrowhead

Work off your picnic lunch (yes, there is a shelter with picnic tables here) with some tennis, a game of baseball or softball and a visit to this park's nice playground.

Suburban East Park: 3011 Lisa Dr.

This park has all the usuals: playground, shelter and picnic tables, and places to play baseball/softball, football and soccer.

Sunnyside Park: 407 E. Erickson

Play some basketball, softball or baseball at this park. There's a playground too.

Tipton Park: (North) 2201 Stone Mountain Blvd. / (South) 2401 G.E. Rd.

This very popular park has a lot to offer: a spray park, playground, a small pond and a lake to fish in, a big shelter with tables, walking trails, trail access, a basketball court, soccer, baseball and softball field, and plenty of area to explore.

White Oak Park: 1514 N. Cottage

This large park offers a lake to fish in, walking trails, playground, shelter and picnic tables, places to play football, soccer, baseball and softball, and lots of nature to explore.

Withers Park: 204 E. Washington

There's no playground here, but this park is home to Bloomington's Summer Concerts in the Park. Check out our calendar for the next performance.


Anderson Park: 503 E. College Ave.

Home to Anderson Aquatic Center, 2 playgrounds, a softball/baseball field, tennis courts and a basketball court. You'll also find shelters and picnic tables and plenty of room to roam.

Carden Park: 1300 E. Raab Rd.

This popular park is home to Safety Town - a fun place to ride your bike or trike in "safe traffic." Miniature road signs add to the fun. There's also a playground, shelter and tables, walking path and place to play baseball/softball, soccer and basketball.

Fairview Park: 801 North Main St.

At this park you can go for a swim at Fairview Family Aquatic Center, visit the large playground or skate park, play tennis, softball, and have a picnic at one of the shelters with tables. There is trail access and a restroom as well.

Fell Park: 309 E. Willow St.

Fun fact - Fell Park is Normal's oldest park, but don't worry, the playground has been updated! There's also a shelter, basketball hoops, and plenty of shade. Take a peek at the 100+ year old water tower while you are there.

Ironwood Park: North Linden St. (N. of Raab Rd.)

Ironwood Park offers a playground, a picnic shelter, tennis courts and a baseball/softball field.

Martin Luther King Park: 204 N. Towanda Ave.

Located next to Sugar Creek Elementary, this small park has a small picnic shelter, and small playground equipment. Yes, it's small, but fun for a quick park trip. The park's soccer field offers plenty of room to run.

Maxwell Park: Parkside Rd. & W. Gregory St.

This park offers a playground, a shelter and picnic tables, tennis courts, a disc golf course, basketball court, hiking trails and a dog park.

One Normal Plaza: Lincoln & Beech St.

Hockey fans will love the in-line hockey rink at this park, but there's also 2 playgrounds, a shelter with tables, a football field and plenty of space to explore. See the "Circle of Friends" memorial and rose garden while you are there. It's dedicated to the residents and staff of the former Illinois Soldiers and Sailor's Children's School that was formerly on the site.

Rosa Parks Commons: Raab Rd. just west of N. Linden St.

This park offers plenty of grassy space to run and play, playground equipment, trail access and a picnic shelter.

Savannah Green Park: 1010 Bull St.

Located in the Savannah Green subdivision, this park offers a shelter with picnic tables, a playground and basketball court.

Shepard Park: 750 N. Hershey Rd.

This newer park offers 2 playground areas - one for bigger kids and another enclosed area for the little ones, a large shelter with tables, a basketball court and restrooms. There's also a dog park.

Underwood Park: 200 Jersey Ave. (east of Linden)

Underwood Park offers plenty of room to run and play. There's a playground (keep walking past the large picnic shelter), big fields to explore, tennis courts, a softball field, and a basketball court.

Did we miss any? If so, let us know and we'll add it to the list. See you at the park!

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