Fall Into Fun and Learn Something New with Kids@Heartland

By Kids@Heartland September 14, 2021

Keep your kids safe and engaged this fall with Kids@Heartland!

Learn all about the world’s most powerful telescope

In NASA Guest Speaker @ Children Discover Museum Day of Play, kids can hear all about the James Webb Space Telescope that will investigate how galaxies formed and search for signs of life outside our solar system. Tune in to a special guest speaker from NASA live from home or at the Children’s Discovery Museum Day of Play in Uptown Normal.

The telescope launches in December, so if you have a space-lover/future astronaut in your household, this is a free opportunity you surely won’t want to miss!

This program is made possible by NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center and is in partnership with Children’s Discovery Museum.

Craft and create all season long

On Saturday, September 25, your student can make art out of whatever their heart desires in Art is What You Make It (Grades 3-5). They’ll be encouraged to tap into their imagination and see what they can create using basic, around-the-house materials like paper, Popsicle sticks, string, beads, and glue. Most importantly, they’ll discover how to transform “throwaway” items into special keepsakes and find more ways to create unique works of art at home.

And is it truly Halloween if you don’t carve a jack-o’-lantern? (Answer: NO! Just kidding, but…) If you’re like us and love the tradition of sculpting something spooky, funky, artsy, or all of the above out of a pumpkin, then join us with your child for Jack-o’-Lantern Fun (Grades K-5) on Saturday, October 23!

Cook up fun on a school holiday

Kids in grades 3-5 can bake up some autumn-themed treats during their day off from school on Monday, October 11. They’ll conjure up goodies from scratch and then decorate fall-inspired vanilla sugar cookies and pumpkin spice cupcakes, then pull out the chocolate to prep for all their pretzel rod and cookie sandwich dunking purposes. Essential stuff! The best part is, your child will leave this kitchen excursion inspired by tips and treats to make any holiday food occasion a special one.

And while we’re on the subject of the school holiday, there’s Babysitter Training: Grades 6-8 on Monday, October 11. They’ll learn how to launch a babysitting business and learn life-saving skills and first-aid care. The newly-minted baby whisperers will gather tips on better understanding child behavior and leave with CPR certification from the American Heart Association and a Safe Sitter completion card.

Plan ahead: Save the date for these future fall adventures

Coming in late October-early December, your child can join in on more learning journeys in the arts and STEM subjects!

  • The Joy of Art (Grades 2-5): Saturdays, 10/23-11/20 at The Little Art School
  • The Magic of Drawing (Grades 3-8): Wednesdays, 10/27-12/8 (does not meet 11/24) at The Little Art School
  • Drama Camp (Grades 6-8): Wednesdays, 10/27-12/1 (does not meet 11/24)
  • To Astronomy & Beyond (Grades 3-5): Saturday, 12/11

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